Looking for Health Insurance as a Student?

Congratulations! Oh, By the Way, Your Insurance is Cancelled

Today, this is the situation that more and more college graduates face. As the parent of a graduating senior, you probably already know that most insurance plans drop dependents like a hot potato, as soon as they graduate. And chances are, your son or daughter doesn’t have the finances to pay for health insurance.

So you may consider dropping coverage for your child altogether. Or, maybe you are paying premiums to maintain coverage until your child has a job with health insurance benefits, but the costs are so high you gulp every time you write the check.

Work with The Ark Insurance Brokerage

This company was founded to protect people just like you- not huge companies… but individuals who need health insurance coverage that is affordable. Coverage that makes sense.

Our professionals have more than 20 years experience in health insurance, and they understand what it is like to be an individual faced with the realities of high health care costs… not to mention how it feels to be turned away from group policies time and again.

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